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Get a 10% discount on your 2nd purchase!


How do you recognize real Murano glass?

Recognizing real Murano glass can sometimes be a challenge, because unfortunately there are also many imitations on the market. Here are some tips to recognize real Murano glass:

Place of Origin: Genuine Murano glass is made exclusively on the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy. Therefore, check whether the glassware is marked "Murano".

Shape and Design: Murano glass is known for its unique designs and complex shapes. Look at the details of the piece and notice the craftsmanship and creativity. Authentic Murano glass will often have intricate patterns, vibrant colors and refined finishes.

Murano glass with Millefiori

Millefiori technique: One of the best-known techniques of Murano glass is the millefiori technique , in which small pieces of glass in different colors are arranged in a pattern and then embedded in the glass. Genuine Murano glass with millefiori designs is a good indication of authenticity.

Aventurine effect: Aventurine is another technique often used in Murano glass, where small metal particles (gold or silver foil) are added to the glass to create a sparkling effect. If the glass has a sparkling or glittering appearance, it may be genuine Murano glass.

Smooth surface: With real Murano glass, the glass feels smooth and soft . The decorations were never stuck on! No seams are visible on the surface.

Stamp or signature: Some genuine Murano glass pieces may be marked with a logo, signature or a stamp that identifies the maker. This can help confirm authenticity.

Inscription: On factory glass there is always an inscription embossed or glued to a label.

Weight: Murano glass products are heavier than regular glass.

Prices: Murano glass is handmade and of high quality, so it can be relatively pricey. If an offer seems too good to be true, it may be an imitation.

Trusted seller: Buy Murano glass from reputable and reliable sellers, preferably from shops on Murano itself or from recognized glass shops in Venice. If you buy online, check the reviews and reputation of the seller.

Keep in mind that some imitations may be very well made, so it is always best to purchase from trusted sources or consult with a Murano glass expert if you are unsure about the authenticity of a piece.

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