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Get a 10% discount on your 2nd purchase!


How do I maintain my jewelry?

Sparkles Online sells handmade jewelry, which is generally more fragile than factory-made jewelry. It is therefore really important to maintain the jewelry properly and with attention.

Here are some maintenance tips to ensure you enjoy your jewelry for a long time:

Store your jewelry properly

Store jewelry flat and in a locked area. This prevents folds or kinks from forming, or the closures from wearing out due to prolonged tension. In addition, no dust will be collected in this way, which can also cause wear and tear on the closures. It is best to store your necklaces and bracelets with a closed clasp. This keeps the shape better. Never put the letter openers away with the point downwards. Not only will you damage your cupboard or desk, but the handle will also close faster and the point will lose its sharpness. Never put Millefiori watches away on the dial. The glass will be damaged.

Avoid contact with water. Always remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or exercising. Sweat can leave moisture on your skin and be harmful to the jewelry. The watches are not waterproof, so they will no longer run after contact with water.

Do not store the jewelry in a humid environment, such as the bathroom . Even a dry-looking drawer of your bathroom cabinet can let moisture through and lead to rust or oxidation of the jewelry.

Never wear your jewelry at night. Sweating increases the moisture content and can drastically shorten the lifespan of the jewelry. You can accidentally lie on your jewelry, putting pressure on it. They can bend, dull or even break.

Do not use cleaning products on your jewelry. Not only are these bad for your skin, but they are also harmful to the handmade Murano glass, which becomes dull and rough.

Be careful with perfumes, body lotions, hair sprays and creams. Wait fifteen minutes after applying these products before putting the jewelry back on, so that the products can be absorbed and your skin no longer 'gives off'.

Jewelry can darken over time. This is not harmful to the jewelry, but it does not look nice. Use a silver polishing cloth, soft, clean cloth or jewelry cleaning bath to polish them again. This often makes your handmade jewelry look like new again.

All Murano glass jewelry from Sparkles Online is made by hand. So no piece of jewelry is exactly the same. If you maintain them properly, you will enjoy these beautiful pieces for years to come!

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