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Get a 10% discount on your 2nd purchase!
Get a 10% discount on your 2nd purchase!


About me

Judith Schoorlemmer

Hello, I am Judith Schoorlemmer. Owner of Sparkles Online. 53 years old, married to Rob and mother of Lucas (16) and Quinten (12).

In daily life I do more than running this webshop. I am an Application and Career Coach and I work as a Recruiter and interim HR Manager. The most beautiful work in the world! Here you will find my website:

But, I also have hobbies besides my work. So I am completely addicted to Italy. The delicious food, the great ice cream and the relaxed way of living. And when we were in Rome for a few days with our 2 boys in the fall of 2021, I discovered a small shop. I immediately fell in love with the jewelry I saw. All handmade, from Murano glass, from Venice. I bought 2 earrings there. Overjoyed! That smooth material, in all colors and types. A chic look, yet competitively priced.

It didn't let me go and I started looking for just such a store or webshop here in the Netherlands. And yes, there are a few. But I thought they were part of a large concern and impersonal. I could do that better!

And then Sparkles Online was born. In Italy I put together my starting range. And built my own webshop all by myself. How proud I am! And of course I hope that you like my webshop too! The range has now doubled and is still growing. If you sign up for the monthly newsletter, I'll let you know when I have new jewelry!

I hope you enjoy those beautiful jewelry as much as I do!