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Which necklace suits my outfit?

Necklaces are a beautiful addition to most outfit choices. But did you know that different necklaces perfectly match different dress styles and necklines? Choosing the right chain style and length to match your outfit can really make a difference to the overall look.

I have a few examples to help you make the right choices when wearing a necklace.

Deep cut neckline

Deep cut neckline

Necklace Lecce

A dress or top with a deep cut that exposes the chest and neck should be paired with a long, elegant necklace. A beautiful pendant can also be added to accentuate the deep appearance.

Heart-shaped neckline

Heart-shaped Neckline

The Sienna necklace fits perfectly with a heart-shaped neckline

A sweetheart neckline is very popular, especially with brides and bridesmaids. Because a sweetheart neckline is quite wide, the necklace you choose should balance this out; opt for wide, flat links, as well as necklaces with unique, angular designs.

Square neckline

Square neckline

The Roma fits perfectly with a square neckline

Very simple: a square neckline goes with a square necklace! It doesn't matter whether you wear a large necklace or a subtle necklace with a square pendant. The only thing you have to pay attention to is that the chain does not come too close to the neckline.

V-shaped neckline


The Pisa fits perfectly with a V-shaped décolleté

If you are wearing an outfit with a V-neck, your necklace should follow this shape. The necklace should hang no further down than mid-chest, as a shorter necklace will draw attention away from cleavage and keep it on the overall outfit and your face.

Round neckline

Round neck

The Palermo fits perfectly with a round décolleté

Round necklines are extremely easy to combine with necklaces, as they go well with different types of necklaces. Whether you choose a large, chunky necklace or a delicate, elegant necklace, the only rule when wearing a round neckline is to make sure the necklace fits in the open space of your décolleté.

Strapless neckline


The Verona fits perfectly with a strapless décolleté

Depending on what you want to draw attention to, you can wear a delicate necklace or a more striking necklace. If you want to draw attention to the bare skin of your chest, a statement necklace will look great. If you want your shoulders and collarbone to be the focus, it is better to wear a fine, elegant necklace.

Asymmetrical neckline

Asymmetrical neckline

The long Palermo looks great with an asymmetrical décolleté

A long necklace looks great with an asymmetrical neckline, for example tops with one bare shoulder. This makes the asymmetrical cut appear longer. A short chain, on the other hand, makes the upper body appear shorter.

Halter neckline


The Pisa fits perfectly with a halter neckline

Many halter necklines have a small V-neck, where there is not much room for a chain. That is why a fine, elegant necklace in a V-shape or with a triangular pendant is ideal.

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