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Which earrings suit my face?

Which earrings suit my face?

Do you have a round face?

Go for elongated earrings to make your face appear narrower and longer. Prefer simple shapes and avoid too voluminous models. Small, square earrings also look good on you. Avoid stud earrings, they only accentuate the roundness of your face.

Do you have an oval face?

With an oval face you can wear almost any shape of earrings, so feel free to experiment! Round shapes , stud earrings , rings and round, dangling earrings look beautiful on you. Be careful with earrings that are too long and that fall below your chin, as they can make your face look longer than desired.

Do you have a square face?

With a square face you prefer not to choose angular shapes. That accentuates the angles of your face. Prefer round or drop-shaped earrings . And especially with a square face you can opt for long earrings that fall below your chin. That makes your face a little longer and less square.

Do you have a heart-shaped face?

How beautiful if you are blessed with a heart-shaped face! You must be a beauty... But don't choose earrings that end in a point at the bottom. The round bottom of your earrings makes your heart-shaped face stand out extra beautifully. You balance your shapes with it, as it were.

Do you have a diamond-shaped face?

To make your face appear wider and shorter, it is best to choose short and wide earrings. This is what suits you best! Go for small round earrings , chandeliers, cone-shaped or square earrings. Small buttons will also look nice on you.

Additional tips:

  1. Also pay attention to the length of your neck. A longer neck can go well with longer earrings. Be careful with earrings that reach your shoulders, as they can make a short neck look even shorter.
  2. Always choose one eye-catcher: you can go for mega-sized earrings or a large, striking necklace. However, smaller stud earrings can be easily combined with a subtle necklace.
  3. If you are a warm type, gold will probably suit you. If you belong to the cool type, then silver is a good choice.

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