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Get a 10% discount on your 2nd purchase!


Amalfi pendant lavender/green with daisies

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€22,45 - €22,45
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Colour: Lavanda verde

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Welcome to the enchanting world of 'Amalfi' - the masterful pendants of pure beauty, handmade with love and craftsmanship from Venice's famous Murano glass. Let your heart melt when you see these graceful heart-shaped creations, each pendant an ode to timeless elegance and Italian tradition.


  • Material: Murano glass heart, with a diameter of 22 mm.
  • Dimensions: Diameter of 22 mm.
  • Made: Completely handmade by Murano master glassmakers with the lampwork technique, in Murano, Venice - Italy
  • To colour: available in various color combinations

The delicate Murano glass, prized for centuries for its beautiful colors and clarity, comes to life in 'Amalfi'. Our artisans have crafted these masterpieces by hand, making each piece unique and telling a story. Each pendant is imbued with the spirit of Venice, where art and history come together in harmonious interplay.

The millefiori technique, an art form that has its origins in antiquity, is applied with master hand to each 'Amalfi' pendant. Colorful floral motifs decorate the glass, creating a vibrant and vibrant image that enchants the eye and delights the soul.

Wear 'Amalfi' with pride and let your heart shine with the sparkle of Venetian allure. These pendants are not just jewelry, but an ode to the timeless elegance that lies in every moment. Feel the magic of Murano glass and the ancient art of millefiori in the palm of your hand and around your neck. 'Amalfi' - a piece of Venice, forever close to your heart.

🎨 Unique Handmade Masterpieces : Every 'Amalfi' piece of jewelry is the result of artisanal perfection. The skilled artisans of Murano, Venice, have crafted each piece by hand with love and precision. This means that you come into possession of a unique piece of jewelry, with subtle variations and nuances that make it an inimitable masterpiece.
💖 Enchanting Design : The heart-shaped 'Amalfi' pendants radiate timeless elegance. They are decorated with the age-old millefiori technique, in which colorful floral motifs are embedded in the Murano glass. The enchanting design attracts admiring glances and adds a touch of charm and magic to your outfit. Each pendant is a symbol of love and beauty, making you feel special every day when you wear it.
🇮🇹 Venetian Tradition and History : The use of Murano glass and the millefiori technique in the 'Amalfi' pendants is a tribute to the rich Venetian tradition and history. Murano glass is known for its beautiful colors and clarity, and it has a centuries-long tradition in Venice. By wearing an 'Amalfi' pendant, you carry a piece of this age-old tradition and artisanal quality with you, making you feel connected to the timeless charm of Venice.
💰 Emotional Meaning and Beauty : An 'Amalfi' pendant is not only a piece of jewelry, but also a symbol of love, beauty and refinement. The heart-shaped design represents love and affection, making it a perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about. Furthermore, every time you wear this beautiful pendant, it will remind you of the magical charm of Venice and the timeless beauty of Murano glass.

🚫 Personal Style Preference : If you don't like heart-shaped jewelry or prefer a different design that better suits your personal style, the 'Amalfi' pendant may not be the best choice for you. Jewelry is an expression of personal taste and style, and it is important to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. In that case, you may want to consider exploring other shapes or designs that better suit your preferences and style.

What are you waiting for? Get the Amalfi pendant today and add a touch of Venetian magic to your jewelry collection.

    *NB! All pendants come without cord or necklace!

    Maintenance of your jewelry

    This piece of jewelry is handmade, so it is slightly more vulnerable than factory products. So take good care of it so that it stays beautiful for a long time. Click here for maintenance tips.

    All jewelry is carefully packaged in a velvet pouch and sent, together with the certificate of authenticity, in a neutral letterbox box. No one sees what's inside and you don't have to stay home.