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Get a 10% discount on your 2nd purchase!


Millefiori watch 'Livorno' aqua

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€63,50 - €63,50
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Colour: Aqua

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Step into the timeless elegance of the "Livorno" - a masterpiece named after the picturesque city on the Italian coast. Every detail of this watch has been handmade with love and craftsmanship in the enchanting Venice, and the result is truly breathtaking.


  • Material: Leather-look strap, Quartz movement (Seiko) and case in chrome metal, nickel-free, as required by regulation 93/27/CEE.
  • Dimensions: diameter of 35 mm.
  • Made: Completely handmade by Murano master glassmakers with the lampwork technique, in Murano, Venice - Italy
  • To colour: available in 2 colours, aqua and dark brown

The Livorno is available in two stunning colours: the refreshing aqua and the classic dark brown. The sturdy leather-look strap radiates durability, while the white case is finished with a raised edge of the famous Millefiori Murano glass, making each copy a unique work of art in itself.

The heart of this beautiful watch is powered by a Seiko quartz movement, which guarantees accurate timekeeping. But the Livorno is more than a precision instrument; it is a floral work of art that brings together creativity and elegance in a refined harmony.

Let yourself be enchanted by the Livorno, a watch that not only keeps time, but also accentuates your personal style and sophistication. With the Livorno on your wrist you effortlessly radiate creative chic. This isn't just any watch; This is a beautiful watch, made to win your heart.

  • Unique Artisan Beauty : The Livorno is handmade in Venice, a city known for its craftsmanship and artistic traditions. Each watch is a unique work of art due to the striking Millefiori Murano glass edge on the case, meaning you have in your hands a piece of Italian craftsmanship that has been crafted with care.
  • Timeless Style : With its floral design and availability in both refreshing aqua and classic dark brown, the Livorno exudes a timeless yet contemporary style. It's the perfect accessory to brighten up your outfit, whether it's for a casual lunch or a chic night out.
  • Reliable Performance : Beneath the beautiful exterior of the Livorno lies a Seiko quartz movement. This guarantees accurate timekeeping, so you will always be on time. Whether you are a busy professional or simply value punctuality, the Livorno will never let you down.
  • Personal Expression : The Livorno is more than just a watch; it is an expression of your personal style and individuality. The creative and chic design makes a statement and attracts admiring glances. It's a way to show your own taste and sophistication and a conversation piece that attracts attention.
  • One reason you perhaps shouldn't buy the Livorno is that the watch is not waterproof. If you want a watch that you can wear during water sports activities, swimming or even in rainy conditions, the Livorno may not be the best choice. The lack of water resistance can lead to damage to the watch if it comes into contact with water, and this can shorten the life of the watch. It's important to weigh your needs and lifestyle when choosing a watch to ensure it meets all your expectations.
In short, the Livorno is not just a watch, but a fusion of craft, style, performance and personal expression. Owning a Livorno is an investment in quality and elegance that you will appreciate time and time again.

Maintenance of your jewelry

This piece of jewelry is handmade, so it is slightly more vulnerable than factory products. So take good care of it so that it stays beautiful for a long time. Click here for maintenance tips.

All jewelry is carefully packaged in a velvet pouch and sent, together with the certificate of authenticity, in a neutral letterbox box. No one sees what's inside and you don't have to stay home.