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Get a 10% discount on your 2nd purchase!


Murano glass bracelet 'Lucca' black

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€14,35 - €14,35
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Colour: Black

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Enchant your wrist with the special Lucca bracelet - a masterpiece of artisan craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Crafted with loving hand, each bracelet is a unique work of art that gives you a special look.


  • Material: 3 Square and 12 round (8 mm) Murano glass beads.
  • Dimensions: 21 cm long.
  • Made: Completely handmade by Murano master glassmakers with the lampwork technique, in Murano, Venice - Italy.
  • Colours: available in 2 colours, blue and black.

The Lucca bracelet shines with a composition of 12 round beads and 3 square beads, all made of beautiful Murano glass. This glass, infused with black, captures the light in a way reminiscent of mysterious depths. But it is the graceful painting of white daisies that adds a sense of delicate serenity to the bracelet. Each petal is applied with precision and passion, creating a subtle contrast between the graceful flowers and the glossy black.

  • Unique handmade art : The Lucca bracelet is no ordinary piece of jewelry; it is a work of art crafted by hand with love and attention to detail. Each piece is unique because it is made by hand. This means you own an exclusive accessory that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Enchanting Murano glass beads : The Lucca bracelet is decorated with 12 round beads and 3 square beads of Murano glass. This glass is known for its beautiful colors and brilliant reflections. The shades of glossy black catch the light in a way that reminds you of mysterious depths, giving the bracelet an enchanting sparkle.
  • Graceful Daisy Painting : What makes the Lucca bracelet really special is the graceful painting of white daisies on the black glass. These fine details add a touch of natural beauty and create a beautiful contrast between the delicate flowers and the vibrant black background.
  • Timeless elegance for every occasion : Whether you are looking for an accessory for a formal occasion or something special for everyday use, the Lucca bracelet fits perfectly with any outfit.
  • The Lucca bracelet is not suitable if you are looking for a piece of jewelry with a more minimalist or subdued style.

Maintenance of your jewelry

This piece of jewelry is handmade, so it is slightly more vulnerable than factory products. So take good care of it so that it stays beautiful for a long time. Click here for maintenance tips.

All jewelry is carefully packaged in a velvet pouch and sent, together with the certificate of authenticity, in a neutral letterbox box. No one sees what's inside and you don't have to stay home.